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The Problems with Reading a Daily Newspaper

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, News & Views, Special Reports, The Real State

Not often do we take the time to take a morning off to enjoy a good coffee whilst reading the daily newspaper. This tends to be a tradition reserved for the occasional Saturday or Sunday brunch at your favourite café.

With the introduction of technology, the worldwide web and on line publications, the reading of the daily newspaper is dwindling.

As in most cities, Sydney has a number of daily papers to choose from and my favourite, particularly on a Saturday, is the Sydney Morning Herald. Although this is my favourite, I tend to read the Daily Telegraph for “general” news and the Financial Review for business news. Not often have I made it known that I read the Daily Telegraph, as I have been told this paper caters to the intelligence level of an eight year old – hence my reason for keeping this to myself.

So why don’t I read the paper of my choice? Simple. My arms are not long enough to open up the paper to its full width of the double broadsheet – which is what the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian papers are printed on. Try as I do, I am really only able to read the front and back pages of a broadsheet publication, unless I am seating at a wide table and I can move from one seat to another to read each page. Sad but true, short people tend to have short arms and I am a slightly vertically challenged.


While attending the Annual Conference for The Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate in Vail, Colorado two weeks ago, I was suitably impressed with the size of the Wall Street Journal. It has the same design layout as our broadsheet papers, but is similar in size to our tabloid papers. I could read and turn the page of the paper without knocking anybody out. Michael and Simon were relieved to think I could finally read a paper in silence, a tough call for me at the best of times.

Well done USA, not only is it far more practical to have a paper of this size. I‘m sure there are far less trees being chopped down because of it.

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