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The Plumbing You Can Expect With a Luxury Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Variety

It’s clear that luxury houses have different needs compared to regular homes. It stands out among the rest with all its fancy features and amenities. This is the reason why all its systems differ from ordinary residential homes and apartments.

When it comes to plumbing, we can expect that luxury houses do have a complicated system of pipes that controls the distribution of water throughout the property as well as fuel gas in the kitchen. And since each luxury house comes with different physical features and structures, the plumbing system also varies.

Plumbing System for Starters

To begin with, it is important to understand what composes plumbing systems and subsystems as well as how it works. The basic things that composes a plumbing system and its subsystem is, of course, cold and hot tap water, sewage and septic systems, water drainage, DWV systems, gas piping and for most luxury homes, there are heating/cooling systems that use water to transport heat all throughout the house.

Plumbing systems also has it subsystems which are responsible in bringing clean water in and waste water out. When water comes into your house, enough pressure is exerted by the valve since the pipes go through stairs and walls before they reach the faucet. Those that are found in luxury houses have the same system only a little more complicated since it needs to pass through more places.

Cold water is always ready but otherwise could be said about hot water. Another pipe leads cold water to the heating system where the water gets heated before it reaches outlets and fixtures. Luxury homes usually have a larger heating system since they have other appliances and fixtures that are not found in ordinary homes. Most luxury homes have hot showers and tubs in every room which mean that it needs greater supply of hot water.

Pipe Book Shelf

Home Water Treatment

Luxury houses produce waste water which is the reason why most of them have home water treatment systems installed. It also benefits luxury houses since the treated water can be used for sprinklers and other irrigations.

So how does home water treatment work? The system first separates solid materials from liquid. It will then purify wastewater that is already clean and has been disinfected. The result is that the water is safe to use for irrigation.


Most luxury houses use galvanized steel as materials for their plumbing system. This material is relatively expensive but practical. Galvanized steel doesn’t rust which makes water clean. Also, pipes and other materials won’t lose integrity over time because it the material does not react to chemical reaction.

There are fewer luxury houses that use materials like copper and plastic. It still depends on the ATS Gas plumbers who set up the whole system and the engineer you hired to build your luxury to decide what materials to use. Still, most of them will recommend steel as material.

Not all Plumbers Could do the Job

There are also instances when the plumbing system of a house gets broken that you need to call a plumber to fix the problem. While there are several companies that are offering services around your area, it is still advisable that you contact the plumbers who worked on your system. Why is this so? That’s because they are already familiar with your plumbing system. They could detect the problem easily and fix it.

On the other hand, if the plumber you hire is no longer available, you need to check other plumbers who had already worked on systems for luxury houses. You may want to ask someone else’s opinion about this or check the plumbing company’s website before contacting them. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a Pasadena plumber, or another plumber in your area, that can tackle the job with ease.


When it comes to plumbing, luxury homes have more needs compared to ordinary residential houses. However, it still has the basic system and subsystems found in other homes. Depending on the design, size and features, these systems still vary. if you are planning to have a luxury home, it is important to discuss with the engineer what you expect with the plumbing system and ask questions about how it will work best for you.

Maintenance is always important and when you feel there’s something wrong in your plumbing system, then you should call a plumber immediately to check on your system. While plumbing systems of luxury homes require more attention, it also gives you ease to live inside your house.

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