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The Next Best Thing to Buckingham Palace

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Money & Business, Real Estate Radar, Rich & Famous, Variety

Unless you’re Royalty, living in Buckingham Palace is unthinkable.

If you have the money, however, you can have the next-best thing.

As recently reported in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, London’s 50,000 square foot Regency Terrace, which currently houses a row of seven office buildings, will be converted to a seven stuccoed mansion by property developer Marcus Cooper, making it London’s second biggest home after the Palace.

The developer had bought the buildings at 6-10 Cambridge Terrace and 1-2 Chester Gate for £23.7m in 2007 but hopes to sell the completed ultra-luxurious residence for £100 million. Clearly, Britain’s property problems do not involve everyone!

The super-mansion will consist of 10 huge bedroom suites, several reception rooms and a basement leisure complex including a cinema, gym and swimming pool.

Additionally, there’ll be a 40-ft rooftop garden, complete with a sliding ceiling overlooking Regent’s Park which will be built into the eaves.

The development will be inclusive of two additional staff houses.

London’s current second biggest residence is also a Marcus Cooper redevelopment project, Witanhurst House.

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