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The Most Luxurious Project in the World

by Marquette Turner

in Luxury is..., Money & Business, News & Views, Real Estate Radar

The United Arab Emirates-based real estate development company, Zaya, has recently been awarded the prestigious title of the Most Luxurious Project in the World for its Nurai Island development.

Awarded on the basis of the project being considered to represent the highest level of quality and luxury the Nurai Island development, which is situated North East of Abu Dhabi, will be a sprawling resort and private community with suites, beachfront estates and water villas. In addition there will be a boutique hotel and spa on a natural island.

Nurai Island

Residents of Nurai will have access to all of the services and comforts provided by the boutique resort, such as three world class restaurants and multiple lounges, a private helipad and marina with arrivals lounge, a fully-equipped spa and fitness centre, private beaches and water sports facilities.

Simon Turner

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