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The Most Expensive Street in the Country

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

Wolseley Road, Point Piper, is the most expensive street in the most expensive suburb in Australia. It’s also a who’s who of Sydney real estate.

Wolseley Road is the dress circle where the rich and famous sit high on a thin-necked peninsula jutting deep into Sydney Harbour with mega-million-dollar views back to the bridge, the Opera House and the silhouetted CBD skyline.

Established in 1890 and named after British field marshal Garnet Joseph Wolseley, this wide, hooked street is a row of lavish estates, deluxe apartments and theme-park palaces.

Of the 10 highest-priced house sales in 2007, it is the only street with multiple listings, including $25 million handed over in December by stockmarket trader David Trew for a 1921 harbourfront mansion.

24 houses have traded in the past five years on Wolseley Road at an average $12.33 million – including the $21.5 million recruitment queen Julia Ross paid in 2004 for Villa del Mare, still a non-waterfront Sydney record.

It is also a place where construction never stops, with many residents wanting to display “their legacy”, say Michael Marquette, Director of Marquette Turner. Ultimately, “the more it costs and the more people that know how much it costs, the better”.

Take a stroll and and have a look to see who you can recognise (that is if you’re tall enough to catch a glimpse beyond the high security walls and fences!).

Simon Turner simon@marquetteturner.com.au

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