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The Mattress Review: Things to consider when shopping for a new mattress

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Variety

Could you be looking to find yourself a new mattress? Do you know how to pick the correct one? Well, in as much as people always like shopping for fun, there are some things you just can’t buy for the sake of it. Especially if they are things that might have an impact on your health.

Before you can purchase a mattress, you need to sit down and seriously think about it because this is something that you will use for a long period of time. You need something comfortable as this will guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

We all know why you need to have a good undisturbed sleep, right? Anyway, with that in mind, below are some of the things you might want to consider if you are looking to buy a new mattress. You can also have a look at The Mattress Review website and find out more about mattresses.


  1. The size

This will depend on your preference and also your budget. Even if your old mattress was a king size, the new one doesn’t have to be a king size too. Maybe you had a reason why you had that large sized mattress back then.

Perhaps you were sharing the bed with your dog, for those who love keeping pets or you were just making sure to have some space for your kids whenever they wanted to watch cartoons with you during those Sunday mornings. Well, now they might be all grown and you won’t be needing that big mattress anymore.

In short, just choose a mattress according to your lifestyle, this means considering your pockets too. Changing the size of your mattress will also mean getting another bed frame. This might also be a perfect time for bedroom remodeling if you ask me.

  1. Give it a try first

This might seem to be crazy but trust me, it’s important. Actually I do this all the time and its quite fun. Just like a car needs to be taken for a test drive, you also need to test drive your new mattress by lying down on it before you could purchase it.

It even gets crazier if you are going to share it with your partner because both you will now need to lie on it too, preferably in that sleeping position you always find yourself in when you wake up.

Even if you are buying from an online store, you will still have to go to your nearest mortar shop and have a try on the same model you are planning on buying.

Just don’t be doing this for fun even when you are not buying anything. You don’t want to get into trouble with some of these store owners.

  1. Trial periods and return

Even after trying the Mattress in the store, you wouldn’t still feel a grip of it until you actually spend a whole night on it or just much time. This is probably why most dealers usually give a trial period for you to actually test everything about the mattress.

Mostly how comfortable it is. The period is mostly around thirty days, whereby you can be able to take back the mattress to the store if it turns out not to be comfortable as you hoped.

However, most of these stores will charge you a restock fee for this deal. This is usually a great idea mostly if you are making the purchase from an online store. Make sure you deal only with stores that have this offer.

  1. Pillow tops

Pillow tops aren’t usually for everyone. In as much as mattresses with pillow tops are popular nowadays, it is important to note that this fluffy comfort usually comes at an extra cost.

Additionally, the pillow top might go flat even before the mattress get used up. This is quite common with heavy people. On the other hand, if you are light, you might be feeling a bit uncomfortable since your weight wouldn’t be enough to go with the support of that mattress through that pillow top.

It is better therefore, if you could just buy a standard or normal mattress and then add a thick mattress topper if you want that luxurious feel on your bed.

  1. The Price

Well, anything worth having is not always easy to get and as you also know, having a good health is also priceless. However, don’t go looking for what you cannot afford. Stay within your budget.

After all, it’s not like you won’t be able to sleep unless you sleep on an expensive mattress. There is also a possibility that you might buy a very poor quality mattress at a higher price and this still won’t do you any good.

This is actually why you need to make plans before you hit the store.


If you need a better sleep then you will need to invest in your mattress. If you have no idea about how you can get a good one, use these simple tips above and you will definitely find what you are looking for. A good night’s sleep helps your body to function well and this can only be found if you sleep comfortably. You know what this mean? Go get yourself a good mattress.

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