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The MASTERPLAN Part 7a: The Cost of War & Foreign Policy (with podcast)

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Podcasts, Special Reports, The Masterplan

The UK Government budgeted around 33 billion UK Pounds for defense in the current financial year which equates to a little over 5.3% of total spending. In contrast the US Government has budgeted for a whopping $1.449 trillion USD for military operations (past and present) – 54% of total spending.


This has changed quite a bit due to the stimuli packages but nonetheless the quantum of money thrown at defense is staggering. The United States accounts for 47% of the world’s defense spending. In short the amount of money the US spends on defense prevents it from spending money on other areas such as health and social support which has become so topical.

The US and other countries choose to intervene in all sorts of issues around the world. Any intervention has its consequences either directly or indirectly and the ripple effects of decisions can have enormous consequences for the entire world. This can also mean that money will need to be spent correcting mistakes – sometimes billions or trillions of dollars.

An example of this intervention when looking at foreign policy is Iraq. The United States supported Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s, with money, arms and agriculture deals to name a few. A blind eye was turned when he committed genocide against the Kurdish population in Iraq and finally force was used to push his army out of Kuwait when they invaded the oil rich nation. Does the original support shown to Saddam and the resultant Kuwait war show a failed foreign policy? I’m sure it does.


We then go further to look at the US invasion of Iraq what has been the cost to the US in terms of lives, money and world perception. Is the world a safer place because of it? Is it safer for US citizens to travel? What could have that money achieved if spent in other areas in need of resources in the US or around the world and who has been supported today only to become an enemy tomorrow? These essential questions must be examined by all nations, especially now the world economy is in crisis.

Summary Thought

It is of grave concern to consider how much the world and indeed the United States spend on defense – approximately $3 trillion AUD is spent around the world each year. Much of this money is spent correcting the outcome of failed foreign policy – the cost of intervention may be felt for many years or may be delayed but the cost will always be felt eventually. We must ask one question: “Could the money be better spent elsewhere”? The answer in many cases is yes.

Michael Marquette

PODCAST [podcast]https://marquetteturner.com/audio/090317_Masterplan7a.mp3[/podcast]


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