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The MASTERPLAN Part 6(b): Climate Change (with podcast)

by Marquette Turner

in Podcasts, Special Reports, The Masterplan

PODCAST [podcast]https://marquetteturner.com/audio/090303_Masterplan6B.mp3[/podcast]

Climate change is the biggest problem facing the world right now. Whether you are convinced that greenhouse gases are causing the change or believe that the world is experiencing a natural shift in weather patterns the results are indisputable. Oceans are rising, the polar caps are shrinking and millions of the world’s poorest people will be displaced. Where will they escape to and how?


It would be easy when discussing climate change to focus on the cost of a barrel of oil, harvesting wind and solar energy or debate the value of nuclear energy. It would be easy to point to the United States and focus on their consumption of oil – the US consumes 50% of the world’s oil production every year. It would be just as easy to focus on China for their use of coal in power stations – China uses coal to fuel two thirds of its power stations. In doing so we would be making a huge mistake – climate change means so much more.

Developing countries such as Antigua, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Zambia are most at risk and this has enormous implications for every single one of us. The ultimate concern of climate change is even more than rising oceans, hotter weather, droughts, cyclones and floods. The human impact of climate change is ultimately where the biggest risk lies.



We have already seen what people choose to do when they are displaced, abandoned or marginalized. We have seen the power of evil and how that evil finds new members. We have seen waves of suicide bombers, the actions of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in terrorizing developed nations. Climate change could have a terrifying consequence – it could fuel the membership ranks of many terrorist organizations, making it all but impossible to stop the terrorist acts.

It is sobering to think of more and more people finding comfort in terrorist organizations – an endless army of displaced people. If we fail to act and forget lessons we have learned from the past we will allow our past to become our future. We cannot bomb every country that is affected by climate change to rid the world of displaced people. We need to do what we have failed to do already and work as one to protect each other, decrease poverty levels and create a new future – the alternative is too frightening to imagine.

Summary Thought

Climate change cannot be ignored – it’s more than oil, greenhouse gases, rising oceans or changing weather patterns. The human impact of climate change presents our greatest challenge – it impacts on our security, our way of life and our general being. We have seen the effects of displacement and poverty. This is a problem where the game of politics simply has no room.

Michael Marquette

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