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The Magical Misery Tour

by Marquette Turner

in Money & Business, Real Estate Radar

The credit crunch is taking its toll on numerous home owners in the US state of Florida. This has conversely created a genuine buyers market where bargains are ripe for the picking.

Real estate agents in Florida have now come up with a new marketing technique that will help buyers see all the best deals by using bus tours of repossessed properties. In a consumer-society, profiting from the misery of others is hardly uncommon.

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper reports of the new method in real estate marketing. It followed a tour that took 30 people, including real estate agents, a home inspector and bank representatives, to nine houses. Such tours are among the techniques real estate agents are using to generate sales amid Florida’s declining housing market and rising foreclosure rates, which are among the highest in America.

The group spent several hours in and out of each house, examining kitchens, bathrooms and back yards. Many homes reflected the desperation the former home owners who have been forced to leave. Some had damaged carpets, walls and cooking appliances.

“I feel bad for the people that lost their homes,” said one of the tour’s participants, who does accounting for a Christian ministry. “But if I can get a home for a good price, I’m all for it.”

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