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The Latest MTLH e-magazine: Nov 3, 2008

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Lewis Hamilton has just won the Formula 1 Grand Prix Championship in Brazil, becoming the youngest and the first black winner of arguably one of the pinnacle titles in sport.  British runner Paula Radcliffe has just won the New York Marathon for the third time, and with an amazing comeback story.  Which of these stories is the prelude to the coming week?

Races start and often have nail-biting finishes, and this week has plenty of events with a result still to be determined.  We have the US Presidential Election and the Melbourne Cup Carnival in Australia.  People will hold their breaths, then on Wednesday will wake up to a new day.

Some fear change, but shouldn’t.  The only constant is change, and appreciating this fact is pivotal in ensuring you are in control of your life, particularly given the current economic climate.

Keep pace with the race, go directly to the Nov 3, 2008 MTLH e-mag, or browse through the MTLH blog where we’re never short of something to say!

Michael Marquette & Simon Turner

“Never confuse brilliance with a bull market.” Wall Street proverb

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