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The latest “real estate radar” e-magazine

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

It has certainly been a huge past week with the turbulence of the world’s stock markets still being digested by many.  When George W Bush spoke of “shock and awe” in relation to the Iraq war, who’d have thought his words would so aptly apply to his handling of the American economy.

Regardless of whom is picked in November’s US Presidential election, the “mopping up” will be massive.  There will be inevitable after-shocks felt in Australia, and new Federal Opposition leader and Republican Malcolm Turnbull and L-plater New South Wales’ State Government leader Nathan Rees will certainly need to hit the ground running and work for all the interest’s of Australian’s to ensure we all remain financially in one piece – the “let them eat cake” mentality must never reach these shores.  Good luck to one and to all! Michael Marquette

This week’s real estate radar e-magazine from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is now available to be viewed online

Features of this issue include the latest and most popular stories from our blog, including Michael Marquette’s award nomination, the View from the Bridge industry commentary, the arrival of the Qantas A380 on Sunday and many luxurious homes and home ideas in our Home Front section.

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