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The Kindle: A Library in Your Pocket

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Wise Guy

How do you store 1,500 books in your pocket?

I didn’t think it was possible until, I met the “Kindle”.

It is easy to see how our technological world is constantly evolving, TV’s are getting thinner, computers are getting smaller and walkmans are the equivalent to a tie-dyed t-shirt and the ever notorious, “mullet”.

Every day there is a new gadget or must have and we slowly become dependent on these creature comforts. I recently came face to face with just how reliant, when the power went out for a few hours. I was unable to get ready, make breakfast, check my emails, and watch the morning news. I was literally left in the dark, so I turned to the only thing that didn’t need power to occupy my time, my collection of novels.

Picture 56.png

I have always loved reading and one of my favorite aspects is that old book smell. There is nothing better than, curling up by the fire, listening to the rain with warm tea and comforting scent. So I am a little bit torn when it comes to Amazon’s “Kindle” which quickly become a world phenomenon after Oprah raved about her favorite new toy.


The Kindle hands down has an array of amazing features. First off, you can have a whole library of books in one small little gadget (up to 1500), doing for books what PC’s have done for filing. Second you can have nearly any title in your hands within 60 seconds, for a fraction of what it would cost you in book stores.

So this poses the question: will novels, magazines and the “old book smell” soon be extinct along with Walkmans, VHS videos and TV antennas? And can we get used to curling up with a kindle and a good e-book in front of the fire?

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