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The Ins & Outs Of Re Roofing Restoration in Melbourne

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Whether your roof is starting to look a little tired, has been damaged in the last big Victorian storm,  has recently developed a leak, or has a few tiles that have broken, you are not going to go astray if you get your favourite roofing contractor to come in and have a look. In fact, most roofing materials manufacturers will recommend that you should get your roof checked for damage and degradation at least once a year! 

How Do I Get My Roof Looking Like New Again? 

A lot of the time a roof that looks rough, faded with sun damage, is often still perfectly sound. The Australian sun is pretty strong and can be responsible for a lot of colour bleaching that people don’t ever expect. 

If this is the case with your roof, then you will be able to look forward to being able to restore roofing by getting it cleaned and repainted. The process doesn’t take very long, and as long as you are using a qualified master builder who specializes in roofing, you will find that the results are quite astounding. Particularly if you have something like a Colorbond roof which is in good repair but has faded in spots, being able to bring your roof back to a fresh and uniform colour will improve the entire look of your home. 

My Roof Leaks, What Are My Options? 

If your roof isn’t in excellent repair, then you will have to go a couple of steps back before you can look at getting it painted, but you can still start the process of restoring your roof back to new. Again, your first step should be talking to a roofing contractor or two and getting their option as to what exactly is your best option. 

Generally speaking, if you have a minor leak, particularly if it has happened suddenly after a storm has hit the area, you are probably only going to get to replace a few tiles that have broken or moved, or replace a sheet of corrugated iron because it has lifted or bent. 

If your roofer discovers that you have more extensive damage, they may talk to you about the options and costs involved with doing a partial restore on just the part of the roof that needs it, or a full replacement. Although the partial restore will certainly save you money in the short term, it is an unfortunate fact of life that roofs, like almost everything else, has a shelf life, and once one part of it starts to breakdown, the rest is likely to follow soon after. 

Re Roofing and Roof Resotration - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

How Long Do Roofs Actually Last? 

That depends on what they’re made of, and these indications are assuming that the roof was installed correctly in the first place of course. 

Slate Roofs

Although pricy, a proper slate roof can last over 125 years. Of course, if any of the slates do become damaged then your repair bill will also be pricey. Do not walk on a slate roof!

Metal Roofs

The old standard galvanised corrugated iron roof will generally last you 40 years, however the more common roof since the 1970s is the Colorbond roof, which the manufacture suggests should last you over 100 years if maintained properly (and repainted occasionally). 

Concrete Roofs

Concrete tiles are often a little cheaper than a metal roof, but you will need to factor in repainting them regularly, as they do fade quite quickly. However, you should expect to get at least 50 years from a properly installed concrete roof, and they are quite fire resistant. 

Asphalt Roofs

These are really popular overseas, particularly in America and Canada, but not as popular in Australia. They are probably the cheapest option for roofing, although importation costs do lift the pricing a bit, but they only have a life expectancy of around 10 – 15 years. Unfortunately, they aren’t always the best in a full Australian sun, but if you live in a more mountainous area then they might work well. It is possible to paint asphalt shingles, but because of the nature of them they tend to have a certain amount of moisture contained in the tile, which if you use a waterproof paint can be locked into the tile causing mildew, mould and rot. 

How Do I Find Someone To Restore My Roof?

Australia is fortunate in that the building industry is quite regulated, so you have several avenues to go through in order to assure yourself that the contractor you are hiring is qualified, insured and of a reasonable standard. 

One of the body’s that have created a National Code of Ethics that members must follow is the House Industry Association (HIA). This Australian organization works within the residential housing industry, rather than commercial, and demands that members work to the highest standards and professional conduct. If you have an issue or concern with any work that you have had completed by a member of the HIA then you can lay a complaint with the association. 

In the state of Victoria, all builders (which includes roofing contractors) who are undertaking work worth more than $10,000 (including labour and materials) must be a registered building practitioner with the Victoria Building Authority. However, there are three types of registration: 

Domestic Building – Unlimited (DB-U)which means they may do all types of domestic building work

Domestic Builder – Manager (DB-M)which means they may manage subcontractors who are registered in other building classes

Domestic Builder – Limited (DB-L)which means they are restricted to domestic building work in a specific area – such as roof tiling. This is usually the type of license that most roofers will have in Victoria. 

If your roofing contractor is registered, they should have a license displayed on their website or business card. You can use the official website https://consumer.etoolbox.buildingcommission.com.au/Pages/Search.aspx to confirm that they are still registered, what area they are authorized to work in, and if there are any disciplinary actions against them. 

Of course, your roofing contractor will also be with Worksafe Victoria, and follow industry standard Occupational Health and Safety guidelines to ensure that their workers are safe, and that you and your family are kept out of harms well also. 

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