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The Importance of Social Space in Architectural Design

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Outdoor Living, Variety

Before planning any new build, developers – and by extension their architects – should take into account the great importance of social areas within any building. Space, in general, is the core of any architectural design. Ensuring that space is utilized in the most effective way will therefore be vital to ensure that a building will be fit for purpose and as appealing as possible, both functionally and aesthetically safety should always be kept in mind. And during construction you need to take care of some important things like Safety Helmets for protection and use the best equipment to safeguard your head at time of construction.

However, whilst the practicality and visual appeal of a space will be of great significance, it will be just as important for developers and architects alike to consider the importance of social interactions within a space.

The important role of social interaction

From external public spaces through to the most corporate of buildings, the suitability of a given space for social interaction will play a vital role in its appeal. In a clinical environment, suitably designed social areas will help put individuals at ease, whilst promoting social interaction in the workplace will be vital for achieving maximum productivity and keeping morale high.

As such, whether a new building is to cater for a workforce, members of the public or a mixture of the two, offering them the right amount of space in the right surroundings is a must, and in turn it may well be that interior design needs to be considered right from the planning stages of construction.

The most successful projects may therefore be those in which developers utilise the skills of a single company that is well-versed in both architectural design and interior design. This will ensure that the left hand always knows exactly what the right is doing and that social synergy is considered in the plans from the very start.

The more appealing a social space is, the easier it will be for individuals to communicate on a face-to-face basis, preventing over reliance on technological communication methods, such as email.

public spaces

The importance of the right design

Whether designing interior or exterior spaces, over-design can be a serious problem for social interaction. Often, developers focus far too much on innovative and quirky designs rather than considering what will be practical, appealing and comfortable.

It is also unwise to try to capture current zeitgeists in architectural design. Not only will this quickly age a property or external space, leaving it unable to evolve with the changing needs and desires of those using the space, but it will also often leave many failing to understand how they can best use that given space. Architectural design is very important, companies such as Newtecnic are professionals at just this.

When it comes to architectural design, social space is one of the most important factors to consider, since those using any building will feel far more comfortable and far more at home if they can socialise within it effectively. As a society, we are already finding ourselves more and more removed from those around us as technology allows us to be increasingly connected with remote parties. Pandering to this will undoubtedly do more harm than good and, instead, social spaces will be what keeps any finished construction attractive, functional and appealing.

Social spaces are particularly important for younger people whose personality, worldview and ability to interact with those around them will be formed through early social encounters. However, this does not mean that we will not need comfortable social spaces as we grow older. Rather, no matter how old one is, the building they are using will only ever be as appealing as the social spaces within and around it.

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