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The Hidden Property Hot Spot in Sydney

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views, Real Estate Radar

It may not be the most glamorous place but, good investment’s don’t necessarily have to fit such criteria.

I have been telling people to buy in Lakemba now for over one year. In previous articles I have stressed how close Lakemba and its surrounding suburbs is to the CBD, how the road and general infrastructure improvements have enhanced the area and the multitude of opportunities for positive gearing that exist for both apartments and houses.


I was therefore thrilled today to read the Sydney Morning Herald and see an article which portrayed Lakemba and its surrounding suburbs as the buyer opportunity that it truly is. The area really is a hidden secret and although it may not be the area that all people would choose to live, it is a wonderful investment suburb.

The cultural need for the area is a perfect reason to purchase there. It is close to one of the important and significant Muslim Mosques in Sydney and for that reason it is an incredibly desirable, comfortable and convenient place to live for a large group of people.

In times of economic common sense, it’s nice to be able to offer you a huge tip – buy in or near Lakemba!

Michael Marquette

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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