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The Drawer Fridge

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar

The Norcool Drawer Fridge, a sleek metallic refrigerator that is built right under your existing counter top space and consists of easy pull-out drawers, adds a whole new dimension and sophistication to your kitchen.

As with dishwasher drawers, if you are just a one or two person household and/or have a smallish kitchen, then this is the best way to optimize space. You could have your fridge installed into your island so that when you’re chopping, you can just grab below for that egg or shot of milk instead of trekking across to the big beast on the other end of the room.

If your space is big enough, you could even keep your old fridge for bottles but use your drawer device for the things you cook with all the time. The refrigeration drawer module has a total capacity of 170 litres. It includes two outer drawers and an inner drawer. The drawers can be pulled out completely and have an easy-glide self-closing mechanism and shock absorption. For more information visit Norcool’s website.

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