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The Countries with the Most and Least Secure Energy Supply

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, News & Views, Special Reports, The Real State, Variety

A new report released by British risk analysis firm Maplecroft, the 2011 Energy Security Index, evaluates the energy security of 196 countries, looking at both the risks for the short and long-term of supply.

In terms of G8, only Canada is not at a “high-risk” for short-term energy security, a rather sobering fact during a time of geopolitical upheaval (hardly uncommon, though) as well as dwindling traditional resources as calls become louder for the importance of a transition to a low carbon world.

Canada is top of the list (196th) because of high natural resources and the diversity of supply. Other nations ranked as “low risk” include Australia (195), Malaysia (194), Indonesia (193), Russia (192), Saudi Arabia (191) and Norway (190).

Short-Term and Long-Term Energy Security of Countries

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The United States fares considerably worse, rated at 112 and labeled at being “high risk” for short-term energy security, just behind Germany (104) and France (107).

Worse still is Sierra Leone, which rates as the country with the “most extreme” risk for an interruption to its energy supply, leader of over 100 nations at “extreme” or “high risk” in the short-term.

“Many countries are greatly reliant on imported oil and gas from these regimes,” said Maplecroft CEO Alyson Warhurst. “In order to support economic growth and energy demands, they will need to diversify energy supplies by increasing import partners and expanding domestic production and renewable energy sources.”

View the report here.


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