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The Cloud Resort by Atelier Hapsitus

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Variety

Readers of MarquetteTurner.com will by now know that we appreciate innovation and creativity, and often this leads us to feature designs that are speculative or prototypes and may forever lay on the drawing board.

Nevertheless, such designs deserve to see the light of day in one way or another, and The Cloud Resort by Nadim Karam of Lebanese architect Atelier Hapsitus is a perfect case in kind, and further shows that whilst the number of cranes may be less and building in Dubai may be less frenetic than in recent years, the city’s appetite to push the envelope has not diminished.

The speculative Cloud resort city is elevated 300 metres in the air above Dubai and supported on slanting legs resembling rain.

The Cloud of Dubai is one of a series of Gulf region projects created by Nadim Karam and Atelier Hapsitus. It is inspired by the nomads, whose lives were defined by the rigours of their relation to sun, water and sand, and whose travels followed the borderless movement of clouds. The Cloud is a trip, a playful adventure in the city. It is a horizontal presence on an elevated platform, an antithesis to the sum of skyscrapers spreading over the entire region. The Cloud is a dream, suspended between artificiality and reality.

An essentially sustainable project, the Cloud is a 20000m2 landscape-in-the-sky comprising a lake, gardens, rotating bridges, spiraling walkways and terraces, an auditorium and sky-sports platform. The Cloud is approached on ground level from an esplanade with a pool reflecting a forest of inclined columns reaching up to the huge, translucent floating island. Access to the Cloud is gained through a few non-inclined tubular shafts, which double as structural support.


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