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The Best Way to Remove Pet Stains and Odor From Your Carpet

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Keeping your carpet clean is vital for healthy living! Since a carpet gets mostly displayed in the living room, it accumulates the majority of dust, dirt, mites, mold, and various other debris. There can be occasional spills, that can result in coffee and tea stains. Also, if you have a pet in your house, your carpet can get pet stains. It is essential to take note of it all and ensure that your carpet is clean and dirt-free. Not everyone has the time and resources to clean a carpet by themselves. A professional carpet cleaning service provider can help!

You can train your pet all you want, but there will be times when your pet dog urinates on the carpet. Similarly, if you have kids in your house, they might spill their fruit juices, aerated drinks, food, colors, and make the carpet fabric dirty. Home cleaning might lighten the stains. But if you want the carpet to look like a new one, you will have to say yes to a professional carpet cleaning service provider. To know more, you can get in touch with Safe Dry – Murfreesboro TN

carpet cleaning

The way a professional carpet cleaning company works

Pet stains result in odor, and that isn’t very pleasant! A professional service provider will give you complete removal of pet odor. This process is entirely secure for you, the family members, and also other pets. These companies don’t make use of any harsh or toxic chemicals that can damage the carpet fabric or create allergies in your skin after the cleaning. All the cleaning solutions are safe, toxicity free, and environment-friendly. Once the pet stains get removed, it won’t appear until there’s a new stain. If you aren’t happy with the cleaning, you can ask for adjustments with zero cost.

The company’s cleaning process target the deep carpet layers and padding. It helps them to interact with the odor creating agents that’s present in the pet urine. The cleaning solvent interacts with the proteins and bacteria, present in the pet urine and eradicates the odor. Generally, the cleaning solution is carbonated and requires almost an hour to dry completely. Sometimes, it might take more time. The same process is applied when you want to wash off coffee and color stains from the carpet.

Other facilities provided 

The professional carpet cleaning service providers offer other facilities as well! You can expect a free pick-up and delivery service. The company will send their staff to collect the carpet from your doorstep and return it once the cleaning gets completed. You can expect timely delivery. For any delays, the company will inform you ahead of time. The price is competitive, and you can get occasional discounts as well.

However, selecting a carpet cleaning service provider is not easy! You need to research about the company, brand equity, consumer goodwill, and the services provided. Also, make it a point to compare the services and the cost, before you make a final decision. It is essential to join hands with service providers that cater to your requirements and budget capacity. 

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