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The best kitchen look for 2016

by emily

in Design & Trends, Lifestyle

After photos of the Perrota Kitchen. As seen on HGTV's Kitchen Cousins.

It’s a new year and that means it is time for change. If you have been entering the same, uninspiring kitchen for the last few years, then 2016 is here to change all of that. Kitchen remodeling has now become a place where creative design meets functionality. In today’s kitchen, colour inspires the senses and tickles the tastebuds. Vibrant cookware has also entered the realm of inspiring any mind to cook with flair, such as unique, different coloured cast iron pots and pans.

Your kitchen needs a different touch

You may not be aware of this, but you do need a bit of difference in your kitchen. Every room in the house get a makeover, but the kitchen is always that one place that does not change. A colourful home brings in an element of positive energy and the abundance of joyfulness. The kind of atmosphere you bring into a kitchen should be one that excites and invigorates. Incorporate fun and difference by giving a wonderful colour to the walls. Or you can replace the doors with glass tiles for a way to bring in contrast and textiles. Whatever you choose, the unique element should be on display for family and friends to see.

Colour changes perception

Colour inspires the mind and opens up hidden feelings that are deep down in our psyche. A dark kitchen brings in a  modern-victorian touch, but it doesn’t give off a homey feeling. For those who love to cook, we suggest going for a lighter, spicy colour. Not white. Never white or cream. It is dull and leaves nothing to the imagination.  A dark colour also makes the kitchen appear smaller than what it is. Studies have found that a smaller space where cooking takes place, doesn’t bring about the creativity that we can reach. Unlike the livingroom, the kitchen needs to be light and breezy, not really dark and cosy.

The kitchen should be an inviting and more of a fun space to be in. A stale colour to choose, would be white, but in the end if you can jazz up your kitchen cabinets a bright colour, then white will do. You can also add difference to your walls by painting it two different shades of stripes, in an array of different colours for the daring.

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