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The Benefits of Retractable Pool Enclosure

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Outdoor Living, swimming pool, Variety

What’s the most effective way of transforming your humble abode to a sprawling habitat of luxury? Adding a swimming pool to your backyard could be one of the ways to do so. Building a pool within the premise of your home is like adding the cherry to the cake. Many wonder about the extensive commitment towards keeping an outdoor pool clean. However, the presence of a retractable pool covers takes away the headache of extensive maintenance from the equation.

retractable pool enclosurenot only helps keep the water clean, but it also minimizes the entry of UV rays. All the while you enjoy your time in the pool, you can forget about wearing waterproof and sweat-proof sunscreens and adding an enclosure above the pool shields the water and the users from the elements of nature altogether. Another benefit is year-round access to the pool irrespective of the different weather conditions. It provides the swimmers a sheltered and secure environment, which is similar to that of an indoor pool. That is precisely what retractable swimming pool covers do; they help you claim an open space as an extensible part of your home. It increases the indoor area or transforms a backyard pool to an indoor-outdoor pool.

Here are some of the advantages of investing in a pool enclosure –

  1. Reduces the entry of direct sunlight

Pool enclosures are ideal for those, who live in areas with intense summers. When the indoor temperatures begin to soar, you can open the sliding doors on the sides to let the excess water vapor out. It can introduce an instant cooling effect. The presence of a protective “roof” on top can protect the swimmers from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Using dark material on the enclosure can provide enough shade and cool the indoor temperature inside the enclosure. It also reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. 

  1. Enhances security

If you have children of your own or kids in the neighborhood who take a shortcut through your yard, you might find adding glass enclosures necessary. A pool enclosure increases the safety of an outdoor pool. Pets and children like to play around the pool, but keeping an eye on them 24×7 may not be possible. Every pool owner must secure the pool premises and prevent unwanted accidents. These enclosures come with doors, windows, sidewalls and end panels; they are perfect for regular opening and closing with the push of a button. The assembly is ideal for the time you are at home, but even better when you are away on vacation. 

  1. Reduces the need for regular cleaning

The retractable pool enclosure cost may feel significant before the construction work begins, but it is a necessary investment. Pool enclosures not only withstand strong wind and keep the pollution out, but they also keep the chlorinated water clean and healthy. It is a must-have for the preservation of the good health of the swimmers. Outdoor pools tend to collect dry leaves, bugs, and debris that fly in with the wind. Keeping the enclosure closed can prevent the entry of the dirt and debris, and reduce the necessity of frequent cleaning.

  1. Reduce the use of chlorine in the pool

Chlorine is a common additive to pool water. It has the power that purifies and kills the microbes that grow in stagnant water. Sadly, the chemical also turns into chlorine gas that escapes the water rapidly in an open environment. In the presence of a retractable pool enclosure, the vaporization of the gas is minimal. As a result, the owners don’t have to add chlorine to the pool water repeatedly. Most importantly, the air around the pool does not smell unpleasant. It minimizes eye irritation, skin problems, and bacterial buildups.  

  • Allows swimmers to enjoy the fresh air

The enclosures are retractable. The homeowners can pull the sliding enclosures back for letting fresh air in. It is immensely helpful during the summer months. Most suburban homes in the US have retractable glass enclosures to control the indoor humidity and temperature. However, in the cities, hardly any fresh air flows over the pool waters. So, opening the enclosure to let in fresh air is not an option during hot summers. Nonetheless, the presence of robust HVAC systems and dehumidification systems for your indoor-outdoor pool can create a clean and comfortable environment.

Why should every home with a pool think about adding an enclosure?

A swimming pool is a value-adding asset to any home in the city or suburb. Constructing an in-ground pool in the backyard takes time, effort and money. Most importantly, the homeowners watch their dreams gradually take shape in the form of a lap pool or endless pool. Therefore, spending a few more dollars to add an enclosure makes complete sense. Since the retractable enclosures provide the swimmers with additional security, privacy, and a closed environment, many home pool owners are now opting for transparent, partially translucent or completely opaque enclosures.

Adding a retractable pool enclosurearound the pool gives the users an extra “pool room.” You can lounge around the pool with your family, pets, and friends during the sultry summer months. Or, you can heat the water to a comfortable temperature and host a pool party during the chilly winter months. An indoor-outdoor pool becomes a 365-days party destination from a 90-day swimming practice spot with the simple addition of an enclosure. You must think of the enclosure to be an investment rather than an added expense.  

Things to know before you go

The size and shape of the cover your pool needs will depend upon the available space, shape of the pool and the type of landscaping you want. Your architect can make room for a patio, water features, decking, and green landscaping while setting up the transparent enclosure. Talk about the cost of landscaping, electrical wiring and lighting extensively with your contractor before you go ahead with the plan. Make sure your enclosed pool becomes a nexus of repose that you and your family will use for years to come.

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