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The Bathroom Upgrade You Have Been Dreaming of

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Variety


Not everyone can afford a deluxe spa retreat in their bathroom. Every room in the house normally gets an upgrade, while the bathroom receives the back end of the stick. This is because bathroom upgrades tend to be more on the costly side of buying. The only bargain you will find for bathroom décor is on mats and candles. However, there are simpler and cheaper ways to update your bathroom without drilling a whole in your pocket.

Limiting tiles

Tiles are expensive, and they cost even more when you hire a contractor to do the lay out. Limit the amount of tiles and focus on areas that make a great impact, like the floor. Refocus your attention and move away from thinking the shower also needs tiles. It’s an unnecessary expense, instead, lay the tiles one horizontal strip along the wall and paint the rest. You can bluff your way into expensive looking tiles for cheap. Buy only a few exquisite tiles, and pair them alongside a cheaper tile. The artistic tile will stand out in greater detail and save you a ton of money by only using a few.

Fixtures can do with an update

Look at the minor detailing in your bathroom, then DIY them with your Makita power tools. You can update light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls for a relatively small amount. They may seem insignificant, but don’t be fooled by the impact soft detailing can make. There is no need to always have to buy towel racks when you can think creatively and make some with a fresh touch.

Freshen caulk and grout

Caulk and grout are always overlooked, but giving it a good scrub, will make it look bright as new. Get rid of the unsightly grime and clean the lines of caulk around the tub and sink. It will look like your bathroom has been revamped and done all over.

For the love of paint

To give the cheapest and most effective look to your bathroom, give it a new paint job. Painting may seem like a simple job because it’s the smallest room in the house, but it takes much needed time to get done. Paint slow and steady around the window, the tub or shower, the sink, the mirror, the toilet, the switch plates, the wall corners, and the floor – all of this takes time so be sure to have patience as you go.

Mould and mildew love bathrooms. As the humidity often changes, it’s essential to invest in a good quality paint that has a glossy finish. You may also want to go over the ceiling with special bathroom paint that helps resist the growth of mould.


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