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The Basics: Insulation & Air-Conditioning

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar


Insulated homes are cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Because of its inherent energy efficient properties, installing insulation means that you will save on both your heating and cooling bills.

The two types of insulation are bulk and reflective foil, however the most important thing to consider is the r-value. The r-value is the thermal resistance of the insulation and the higher the number, the more effective the insulation is. The range for r-values is between one and four.

The three common types of air-conditioning include split systems, fixed units and ducted air-conditioning. All of them will cool your home but the differences in installation and running costs will greatly influence what you will select.

Therefore you need to consider things such as where the air-conditioner will be placed and what you want to use it for exactly. Professionals can help you out with this, helping you choose a system that perfectly fits your needs.

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