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Taking Care of Your Linens

by emily

in How to..., Variety


Luxury comes with an expensive price tag – it’s smooth to the touch and soft to the feel. Egyptian lines – the best a woman can get! If you want to float away on soft bed of feathers, then having imported luxury linens is the way to go. The special thing about this material is that it doesn’t leave you freezing in the middle of the night. It’s just right. Perfect in its look and feel. When taking care of your linen you need special attention to detail for this one.

How to wash those precious linens

  1. Unfold your linens before loading them into the washing machine.
  2. Select a pre-soak cycle, in cold water with only a small amount of liquid detergent.
  3. After the soak cycle, run the washing machine at a low temperature, again using very little liquid detergent
  4. End of the cycle with a cold water rinse.

It’s essential that your duvet covers are washed in a pre-wash/ soak cycle, for fine silk it’s essential that you hand soak you load first. Unfold or loosely shake open your linens before loading it into the machine and over pack the washer tub.

The right way to dry your linen

The ideal ways to dry your luxury linen is by air, draping them over a rod or railing and avoid hanging them in intense, direct sunlight. The direct sunlight can cause fading, making your whites shinier, but eventually turning them yellow. By all means avoid burning your linens, once the iron mark is there, it’s there forever. If synthetics are co-mingled, it can cause pilling in your natural fabrics. We do not recommend dry cleaning natural cotton and linen sheets under any circumstances. Wash your linen in the early morning, when the sun has the softest light.

The best way to go about cleaning your linens is to not get them dirty and savour every feeling you have with them to make them last longer.

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