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Rich Enough to Buy a Country?

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Bill Gates, for instance can buy Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bolivia and Uruguay among the 140 countries that have less GDP than his net worth of $50 billion.

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The MASTERPLAN Part 6(b): Climate Change (with podcast)

Climate change is the biggest problem facing the world right now. Whether you are convinced that greenhouse gases are causing the change or believe that the world is experiencing a natural shift in weather patterns the results are indisputable. Oceans are rising, the polar caps are shrinking and millions of the world’s poorest people will be displaced. Where will they escape to and how?

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Australia is Ranked Number 1 in the World!

Australia has topped an index of the world’s most prosperous nations, with economic stability and high quality of life putting it over the edge. The index, produced by Dubai-based investment group Legatum, measured 104 nations against levels of wealth, quality of life, and life satisfaction. Australia tops the list, with Austria and Finland rounding out […]

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