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world’s richest

Number of World’s Millionaires Increased in 2009 Despite GFC

The world’s high-net-worth individuals improved their financial position in 2009 despite the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). There are now in excess of 10 million HNW-I’s in the world, and furthermore, their wealth increased by 18.9% to $39 trillion USD. Asian millionaires, led by those in Hong Kong and India, have now overtaken their European counterparts, with the total wealth of Asia’s 3 million millionaires increasing to $9.7 trillion USD, beating the $9.5 trillion USD held by Europe’s richest.

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The World’s Top 10 Millionaire Households

Even during these tough times, there are more millionaire households in the world than at any other time, with the growth highest in China and Europe. The total number of millionaire households in the world (ie. those with assets of $US1 million or more) now stands at 9.6 million. This represents only 0.7% of all […]

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Australia is Ranked Number 1 in the World!

Australia has topped an index of the world’s most prosperous nations, with economic stability and high quality of life putting it over the edge. The index, produced by Dubai-based investment group Legatum, measured 104 nations against levels of wealth, quality of life, and life satisfaction. Australia tops the list, with Austria and Finland rounding out […]

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