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water feature

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How to Transform Your Backyard with a Custom Water Feature

Water features are increasingly overtaking ponds as outdoor living becomes increasingly desirable and people look for ways to transform a garden or backyard.  Water features are particularly popular as they are considerably low maintenance. For instance, the fish in pond’s – some impartiuclarly – require looking after; unsightly netting and posts can be required to protect the […]

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Cheers to Water-Wise Mediterranean Gardens

To truly understand the design of luxury Italian landscape architecture, which has altered little over the millennia, many visionaries still refer to the books of the engineer and architect Vitruvius, never mind that they date from 1st century Rome.   Vitruvius intended his advice primarily for Emperor Augustus during the Pax Romana, when many battles […]

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a High Class Garden Party

Your home is somewhere that you should be ovideoud of, and it is also wonderful when your guests comment on the overall feel as well as individual design features. So when you host a party at your house, you only want to offer the best surroundings, service and experience. If you are planning to hold […]

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