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wall street

The Realtor’s Guide to Selling Luxury Homes

Adding luxury homes to the portfolio of things you have available to sell can be extremely valuable and a wise decision. Due to the limited quantity of prospective buyers and luxury properties in any given market, the listing and sale of luxury real estate properties can present some challenges. With the right amount of creativity […]

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Thumbnail image for Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge”: Wall Street’s Failed Obsession

Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge”: Wall Street’s Failed Obsession

The obscene salaries of Wall Street bankers and company bosses have been exposed for the farce and shareholder rip off that they truly are. Companies of all types have been plundered by these thieves for far too long in their obsession for short term gain at the long term expense of the companies they were supposed to be looking after. They all forgot the shareholders.

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Just how much is $US700 billion?

With both the United States’ Senate and House of Representatives having approved the $700 billion bailout of the US economy, and President George W Bush having signed the act into law quicker than you could blink, now begins the blame game to see how this crisis snuck up upon so many. I, however, thought I’d […]

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