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vincent van gogh

Amsterdam Top Attractions and Rental Car Tips

Amsterdam is one of the most popular as well as attractive travel destinations: it is charming and offers great opportunities to explore. In Amsterdam, travelers can make there experience both memorable and unique, starting by visiting some of these great attractions: Canals of Amsterdam: The canals of Amsterdam are a must visit for travelers, whether cruising along […]

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Thumbnail image for Armless Chinese Artist Paints Using Only His Teeth & Feet

Armless Chinese Artist Paints Using Only His Teeth & Feet

Losing an ear didn’t seem to detract from Vincent Van Gogh’s artistic skill, but Chinese artist Huang Guofu’s use of only his mouth and feet is quite remarkable. As his skills have progressed, so has his recognition. Huang Guofu was recently named vice-curator of the newly opened Chonqing Talents Museum. Now, dealers and art lovers around the world seek out his paintings.

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