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United Kingdom

office space

Investing in UK Office Space

If you are interested in property investment, do not overlook the potential of the UK commercial sector. There are opportunities to invest in office space and other kinds of commercial buildings across the world and the profits to be made are good. In many parts of the world, the recession is ending and as a […]

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UK House Price Adjustments Alleviate Bubble Fears

The news from Nationwide Building Society that annual property price growth in London slowed from 25.8% in Q2 2014 to 21% in Q3 2014, with the average price of a home in the capital hitting £401,072, was released at the same time the mortgage lender revealed the average price of a UK residential property fell […]

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Thumbnail image for World Real Estate Report – October 2009

World Real Estate Report – October 2009

Luxury Real Estate prices have been affected all around the World with prices still depressed for the top end market. There is enormous uncertainty and concern from many people as to what the real estate market is going to do both locally and abroad. The Canadian market is performing well as a whole, with the best price increase result for last 12 months when compared to Australia, Spain, France, United Kingdom and the United States. Michael Marquette of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes explains.

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Who’s in Recession? Germany, Japan, US and the UK

The news is moving more quickly than I can keep up with. I have just arrived back to the office after running my dogs and CNN announced that Germany is in recession. So when we look at the world’s largest five economies, three are in recession, the United States is all but in recession and […]

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