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London property

Simple Guide to Renting Your Property

Although it might just seem like a nice way to earn a bit of money or a way of keeping the property clear of looters or squatters, for those fortunate enough to be in the position to have a second dwelling it is often full of ‘pot holes’ and stumbling blocks that often turn the […]

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Self-Managed Super Funds Property: 5 Steps for End of Financial Year

This article has been prepared for the specific readership of Australian readers, but may be of interest to others. There is also information on SMSF costs here Self-managed super funds (SMSF) are increasingly becoming popular options when it comes to Australians preparing for their retirement. This is partly due to the flexibility the fund allows the […]

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Thumbnail image for Taiwan Introduces Luxury Property Tax to Cool Overheating Market

Taiwan Introduces Luxury Property Tax to Cool Overheating Market

Taiwan has passed a “luxury” tax – an unusual move as the island tries to curb rampant property speculation and the worst wealth gap in a decade. Property not lived in by the owner and sold within two years of purchase will be taxed 10-15%. With the gap between rich and poor widening in many wealthy countries, what do you think of the idea?

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The Latest MTLH e-magazine

THIS WEEKS STORIES: Luxury is…Elizabeth Taylor’s Homes; the Great Australian Tax Grab; Phone Box Furniture; The Blind Leading The Blind; London Luxury Home Prices Falling; Loofah Homes; and more… The 2008 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to former Finnish President and international peace envoy, Martti Ahtisaari.  He has been instrumental in bringing peace, or […]

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The Great Australian Tax Grab

How’s this for short-sightedness: The New South Wales Government’s infinite wisdom to increase taxes by $3.6 billion AUD to compensate for their years of inept mismanagement of states coffers will have a huge impact on the property sector at a time when it can least afford it. NSW Labor Premier Nathan Rees and Treasurer Eric […]

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