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Modern Furniture Ideas to Inspire you

Modern furniture can mean many things to different people. It might be an ultra-sleek box-like construction with plain fabric or leather upholstery or perhaps vintage furniture, such as G Plan or Shaker style that has been given a modern twist with funky, bold colors or stripes.  Multifunctional modern furniture That being said, modern furniture often […]

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Thumbnail image for The Swarovski Crystal Salt and Pepper Shaker

The Swarovski Crystal Salt and Pepper Shaker

At what point does luxury go too far? If every item in your home, no matter how big or small, must make a luxurious statement, then these Swarovski crystal encrusted salt and pepper shakers are just the ticket. Handmade by the clearly very patient Macassar Ebony Tischaaccesorries and designed by the House of Dick Furniture […]

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