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sydney olympics

Thumbnail image for Nothing to Celebrate: New South Wales Slips to Last Place

Nothing to Celebrate: New South Wales Slips to Last Place

It’s hard to believe that Australia’s most populous State and home of Sydney (the Year 2000 Olympic City) is the worst performing economy in the country. New South Wales is in trouble and has been for some time. It’s time for our leaders in New South Wales to have vision and purpose – something that has been missing for over a decade.

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Newcastle – The Forgotten City

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes does a considerable amount of work with clients in Newcastle selling their Luxury Homes. They want the wonderful features of the city to be properly and fully communicated to a national and international audience – it’s sad that the “local” agents focus on advertising in the local newspaper, which I must […]

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Sydney-siders about to get the chance to relive the Olympic Dream

The site of Sydney’s 2000 Olympics in Homebush, for many years the subject of ideas, derision, and abject disinterest, is now slated to be part of the NSW Government’s plan to ease the much-commented housing shortage by the construction of high-rise buildings for residents and a place of work for many more. The Sydney Olympic […]

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