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The Swiss Property Market Continues to Boom into 2011

Switzerland, Europe’s most resilient market during the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, delivered an improved annual total return of 6.1% last year, 60 basis points ahead of 2009’s 5.5% and matching the return of 2008.

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How to Spend a Night to Remember: Hire a Country

The principality of Liechtenstein, bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and by Austria to the east, is just 160 square metres and has the second highest GDP in the world, has decided to make itself available to private clients from $70,000 a night, complete with customised street signs and temporary currency.

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The Waterfront Swiss Chalet Fit for the 21st Century

K_M Architektur have designed this stunning family home that overlooks Lake Walensee in Switzerland, maximizing the use of natural materials so that the home sits neatly amongst the dramatic landscape, bold enough to matter but humble enough to not seek to steel mother nature’s limelight.

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Luxury Real Estate News: 18 Sep 2010 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine

The 18 Sep 2010 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine features: the latest most expensive home in the world and possibly the most expensive shed. There’s also an outstanding design concept that turns the iconic Hollywood sign into a hotel, the swimming pool that’s on top of the world, a new Global Wealth Report that shows that gap between rich and poor is narrowing, and an interview that shows that flight cancellations aren’t always bad.

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Possibly the Most Expensive Shed in the World

Originally built in 1786 by a farmer who would bring his herd of cows from the valley to pasture during the summer months, the Walig Hut is located 5000 feet up in the beautiful Swiss Alps, a 30 minute drive from Gstaad. It now forms part of the Gstaad Palace Hotel who have restored the shed as an interesting vacation option for its nature-loving guests.

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The Lake – The Luxurious Swiss-Made Bathtub

The outstanding “Lake” bathtub is Swiss-made and crafted in wenge and finished with a water-resistant gloss coat, its rim is surrounded by pebbles to allow excessive water to drain – much like a Lake! Costing a mere $25,000 USD, the Lake bathtub would certainly be a quality edition to any bathroom.

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The Most Expensive Cities in the World

Oslo, now the most expensive city in the world, has come out of the global financial crisis relatively unscathed, as have Zurich in Switzerland and Copenhagen in Denmark – the second and third place cities respectively. Real estate costs are barely dropping.

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