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The Ice Hotel in Sweden is the Ultimate Travel Experience

The world famous ICEHOTEL in Sweden has over 80 rooms built each year from snow and crystal clear ice, taken from the waters of the local river Torne. The interior, at between -5°C to -8°C, actually feels quite pleasant, especially when outside temperatures can drop to around -37°C!

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Thumbnail image for The Human-Sculpture Designer Italian Shower

The Human-Sculpture Designer Italian Shower

The “Aquanatass” shower from Italian bathroom brand, Bagno Sasso is designed by Hubert Rieber. It features slender, body-shaped curves and the limited-editions are hand-crafted from such exquisite materials as aluminium, bronze and wood. Surely, such a work of art turns any bathroom into a luxrious talking-piece.

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ARCOmadrid – 28th International Contemporary Art Fair

Featuring galleries from 39 different countries, around 200 galleries in total and over 2000 artists, the event will showcase what’s happening in contemporary art today, with a complete cross-section of languages, supports and expression ranging from painting to performance, not forgetting graphic work, sculpture, installation, digital art and emerging expressions.

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