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The Most Luxurious Destinations For A Once In A Lifetime Experience

The world is filled with some of the most beautiful destinations which haven’t been created by man, but it is mankind that makes these attractive destinations luxurious ones. Some of these places require tourists to open their wallets wider than ever before and because they come at such a steep price, we had to check […]

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The 69th and 70th Microfinance Loan to KIVA by Marquette Turner

Marquette Turner have just made our 69th and 70th microfinance loans to two groups of women in the African nation of Rwanda. Loans are made to micro-finance institutions to help build sustainable businesses to provide income to feed, clothe, house & educate someone in the developing world

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Our Latest KIVA Microfinance Loans: Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and Rwanda

Since joining Kiva a few years ago, certain trends and rules of thumb have arisen as to why we lend to particular individuals and groups. As always, the causes we choose are not made because they are more deserving than others – we’ve gradually been able to separate our desperate want “not to judge” with the reality that we can’t help everyone. In saying that, there’s a Talmudic quotation (you may have heard it in the movie, Schindler’s List): “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire”. That seems a pretty good rule to work by.

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