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Here’s Why Buying Used Machinery is a Smart Idea

Whether you’re looking to purchase industrial machinery or construction equipment, either way, it’s a major investment. Which is why it’s imperative to assess all your options before finalising the purchase.  While purchasing new machinery would be your first thought, have you considered buying used machinery instead? Whether you’re in the construction industry, food packaging sector […]

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Eco-Friendly Garden Furniture

There are many ways to go green in the garden. You can make your own organic fertilizer, abstain from pesticides, grow your own veggies, and plant a few trees. If you’re environmentally conscious when it comes to your yard, you’ll want to make sure this principle carries through to your garden furniture as well. Use […]

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Sustainable Property Development in India

The real estate sector is India is going green. With the changing ecology, green practices are given a lot of importance world over and India is not far behind in this race. Construction and production of construction material cause a great threat to the environment. To tackle that, many top builders and developers are using […]

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My cHair Needs a Haircut Exhibition in Valencia, Spain

“The Bold cHair” by Sanserif Creatiu is biodegradable & one of the furry furniture designs at “My cHair Needs a Haircut Exhibition” in Valencia, Spain

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Taboo Furniture Collection Made from Recycled Bottles and Bags

Designers Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck have designed the Taboo Collection of furniture that are made in Dakar, Senegal, from 75% recycled garbage bags and plastic bottles. Thus, not only is this a great opportunity to help the environment, but also assist Senegalese to not only be self-sufficient but also at the cutting edge of design.

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Track the Tales of Deconstructed Buildings

D-Build offer the “site” whereby stories of deconstructed buildings and reclaimed materials can be tracked, and additionally act as a marketplace to sell those materials and products made from them. Furthermore, in true social media style, users are encouraged to add their own information where relevant.

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GREEN: Clear the Air eMagazine Nov 14, 2009

With articles on recycling your jeans to computers, as well as articles on disposable nappies and much more, the Clear the Air eMagazine continues to featured wide and varied green articles of interest.

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Save Money and the Environment with GREENandSAVE

GREENandSAVE is one of America’s leading free ‘Green’ home and office remodeling resources for anyone that wants to save money and the environment as well as create a healthier property and overall lifestyle. Simon Turner, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Help Pick The Winner to our Design Competition

We recently launched a competition for designers around the world to come up with a logo design for our conservation project, “Clear the Air”. We have had a total of 47 designs and we’re now putting it out there to find out what people think is the best design. To see all the entries CLICK […]

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Design Competition Launched for “Clear the Air” (with podcast)

monogram-mini-white Marquette Turner continually explores ways of integrating environmentally sustainable practices and standards to ensure that we are minimizing the impact of our business on the environment. So to enforce and represent these practices we are have started a competition to create our logo.

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