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Luxury Home

What Can Negatively Impact Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is simply the way your property looks at first glance. This is important whether you are looking to sell, buy or simply make the most of your property. Curb appeal isn’t just to ensure any visitor has the right impression of your home. It should also give you a sense of pride and […]

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The Realtor’s Guide to Selling Luxury Homes

Adding luxury homes to the portfolio of things you have available to sell can be extremely valuable and a wise decision. Due to the limited quantity of prospective buyers and luxury properties in any given market, the listing and sale of luxury real estate properties can present some challenges. With the right amount of creativity […]

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Finding the Right Townhomes in the Danforth Area

Choosing the right living space is no easy task and will require the buyer to put in a lot of time and effort. There are a number of different living spaces out there and choosing the best one means the homeowner will need to think about their greatest priorities. Among the most convenient and luxurious […]

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Canada real estate resources and useful links

Welcome to your New Home in Annapolis Valley, Canada

There are many reasons to move to Annapolis Valley, Canada not only for the beauty but the wonderful communities and homes that are available. Annapolis Valley is home in the province of Nova Scotia on the western side of the peninsula along the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Within the valley you will find […]

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Thumbnail image for From One Billionaire to Another: Formula 1 Heiress Buys Candy Spelling’s Mansion

From One Billionaire to Another: Formula 1 Heiress Buys Candy Spelling’s Mansion

Candy Spelling’s massive 57000 square foot property on 5 acres in Holmby Hills, CA has sold to Formula One heiress Petra, daughter of Bernie Ecclestone for a price in the vicinity of $150 million USD.

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