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real estate secrets

Where Should You Buy in Sydney?

It’s the question asked in good and bad times – where should you buy to make the most of your investment? I promised last week that I’d reveal my best picks in Sydney and I will do my best to make it easy for you to choose a great home, whatever your budget. There are many ways to determine the right property for you and also gain the most in terms of growth or yield, but where do you start?

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Does Property Have You Confused?

I have read all sorts of conflicting articles in the press over the last couple of weeks which must confuse people to no end. Both of the major Sydney Sunday newspapers ran vastly different property headlines begging the question, does anyone know what they are talking about?

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How to Market & Sell Your Home in 2009 – Don’t be Fooled (with podcast)

If you want to sell your home in 2009 make sure you are tough when interviewing the real estate agent or broker and ask them to produce evidence that their strategy will work. A promise or an answer that it has worked in the past is not good enough – you are spending your hard earned money and you deserve proof that you are actually marketing your home and not the agent.

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