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12 Green Ways to Upgrade Your Property (Infographic)

It’s important that we all do our part when it comes to the environment, and that stretches far beyond looking after nature and its inhabitants – we also need to be considerate of how we live. Small changes to our property can make massive differences, so it’s always worth looking for a green solution that […]

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Top Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in a New House

Decorating any house can be a difficult task. Things are made even more complicated when it is a brand new property that is essentially a blank canvas for you to work on. However, you can make life easier for yourself by understanding some of the top decorating mistakes to be avoided in this type of […]

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Top Tips for Buying Property at Auction

The great thing about buying a property at auction is the fact that you can get a great deal. After all, you can name your price, as long as you don’t get outbid. Plus, you can avoid the annoyingly long purchasing protocols involved with buying real estate, and you don’t have to worry about a […]

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Professional Real Estate Development Helps To Renew Urban Areas

Real estate in downtown, urban areas can begin to look worn down over time, which can eventually lead to abandonment of some properties. These areas can be refreshed and made to look new by professional real estate developers who step in with financing and with promising plans to rejuvenate these areas. Taking an area that […]

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New Wave of Property Wealth in Australia Spurred by Land Ownership and Property Styling

As the world economy flickers between economic boom and economic decline, the Australian property market continues to prosper in the face of economic adversity. Even though many other industries such as the mining industry have suffered setbacks in growth over the past few years, the property market continues to grow and Australian families continue to […]

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Security and Aesthetics for Your Home

One of the most important aspect to being secure in your home is not having your security so on display that potential criminals know how to avoid your security barriers. By finding ways to meld your security with your home in elegant ways, we serve two purposes: making the home more aesthetically appealing and increasing […]

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Tips For Finding The Best Property in a Great Area in Mumbai

Buying a property often involves using your life savings, and it’s always a big decision, but one that you make with the long-term future in mind and the many benefits you expect to be rewarded for. Thus, whether looking for your own home, an investment property or maybe even commercial property, its not simply the […]

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Almost Everything You Need To Know About Santa Barbara, USA

The Pacific Coast of California is a region that needs no introduction. Its reputation for long, warm summer days, beautiful beaches, and calm, tranquil scenery is the stuff of countless tourism oriented broadsides and cable TV ads. There is no need to rehearse the old tired song and dance, except to quickly note that much […]

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Dallas, Texas, USA

Hot Dallas Housing Market – Renting May Be the Solid Financial Option

It is no secret the American dream includes home ownership. But the real question is does it make financial sense? In many of the hottest real estate markets in the United States the answer is probably not. Dallas housing prices are forecast to grow 10% as reported in the Dallas Morning News just last week. […]

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MT Luxury Homes November 2014 Newsletter

7 Great Home Decor Apps, Luxurious Casinos, the UK Housing Bubble, Chocolate Mousse, Weight Loss Myths Explained, Get Cosy for Winter… View this email in your browser UK Property Bubble Fears Decrease >> READ MORE › 7 Great Home Decor Apps There’s an app for absolutely everything, and home decor hasn’t been left behind.  Now […]

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