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Michael Marquette’s “View from The Bridge”: Is America Heading Toward Bankruptcy?

I have been encouraged  over the last week at the willingness of vendors and buyers to listen to us and consider our advice. It would be a foolish person who would declare that the market has changed but deals are happening as all parties have been willing to give and take. Economically the news worldwide is worrying and finally we are starting to hear that this crisis is more than just a confidence issue – it is fundamental. The world immersed itself in debt, more debt than ever before as people bought houses, shares, personal goods and lived extravagant lifestyles that they could not sustain.

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The MASTERPLAN Part 3 – Government Debt (with podcast)

It is a staggering amount of money, almost incomprehensible but currently the United States Government is running a General Fund debt of approximately $11 trillion. I find it too hard to fathom but they really are – what are they thinking? The US Debt is spiraling out of control. On October 18, 2005 the outstanding US Public Debt past $8 trillion and is increasing by approximately $1 trillion each year. Put another way the US Public Debt increases by approximately $3.6 billion US each day.

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The MASTERPLAN Part 1: My “Solution” to the Economic Mess (with podcast)

If I could come up with a solution to the crisis the world is experiencing then surely I would be famous and extremely wealthy. Many would expect me to be showered with praise and receive millions of letters and calls from thankful people. In an ideal world that would be the case but we do not live in an ideal world. As we are now seeing there are so many interest groups who place their goals ahead of that of the common good and getting agreement on any proposal is next to impossible.

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Michael Marquette’s “View From The Bridge”: The Frosty Politics of Misery (with podcast)

With so much continuing to unravel economically around the world, it is impossible to accurately assess when we will reach the bottom. Each day that passes seems to indicate a deeper and more severe set of problems than first predicted.

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Real Estate: The Value Of The White House

With so much worldwide discussion and excitement over the occupants of the White House, the ladies and gentlemen at Zillow sought to put a value on the property. It truly is exceptional real estate.

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VOTE 2008 – What If The Whole World Could Vote In The US Presidential Election?

It’s a salivating thought for anyone that has an interest in the outcome of the US Presidential race, and the Economist magazine is providing the opportunity. I already had an interest prior to our visit to the US two weeks ago for the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Awards, and hearing of the Economist’s […]

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