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ponzi scheme

Thumbnail image for Get Rich Quick?  Think Again…

Get Rich Quick? Think Again…

When times are tough, those who are struggling can sometimes be so desperate that the promise of getting rich quickly overrides any sense of caution. Over the years there have been a number of “get rich quick schemes”.   We have had Pyramid Schemes, Chain Letters, Gambling Systems, Betting Systems and the one we all became aware of most recently, the Ponzi System.

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Thumbnail image for How Madoff Made Off With $Billions & Ponzi Scheme’s Explained (with podcast)

How Madoff Made Off With $Billions & Ponzi Scheme’s Explained (with podcast)

monogram-mini-white I am stunned by the Bernard Madoff scandal – I am surely not alone there. How someone can steal and hide an estimated US$65 billion is difficult to know and the complexity of the scheme is such that we may never know. The former head of the NASDAQ had the credibility to lure investors with promises of 46% returns on their money each and every year. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is and guess what? It was!

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