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All the general information about car insurance coverage and traveling with pets

There are many avid pet lovers with the burning question whether your pet is covered through the automobile insurance you have gone for. Well, the correct answer is, it depends. With some insurance services it is given whereas for some pets aren’t covered. The usual practice for insurance service providers is to cover for cats […]

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Home hygiene tips for healthier living

As cooler weather starts to blow in and the temperature begins to drop, people become more conscious of their health and prevention from catching illnesses. Many people wash their hands more frequently, avoid door handles, and stay away from large crowds of people where germs could be jumping around. One place you may not think […]

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Time to Clean Your Upholsteries

At this time of the year with thanks giving ahead and Christ mess is on the horizon many home owners in New York are looking to clean up and refresh their carpets, upholsteries and drapes. Winter is usually a time where windows   are less open and furniture tends to accumulate dust and dust mites. This […]

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Thumbnail image for Where to Buy Real Estate: The Ultimate Survey

Where to Buy Real Estate: The Ultimate Survey

Michael Marquette of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Real estate isn’t an exact science by any means and this is especially true when it comes to what it is that makes someone choose to buy a home. A recent survey put this question to would-be buyers and location to local amenities was at the top of the list.

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