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new york real estate

New Report Lists Best-Value Second Home Destinations

A recent report list the top 36 most popular resort and second home locations around the world. Among the surprises: Apartments in Warsaw, Poland are selling for higher prices than Dubai. Manhattan and Paris are running neck in neck, but Moscow makes them both look cheap, with Monte Carlo the most expensive and Marrakesh, Morocco the best value.

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Luxury Real Estate: the New York Homes For Sale of Superstar Billy Joel

In the process of divorcing his third wife, Billy Joel has put his two side-by-side luxury homes in private and swanky Sagaponack, New York on the market for sale. Beachfront luxury real estate with ocean views make them extra special.

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Madonna’s $40 million Manhattan Luxury Home

What better way for Madonna to recover from her marriage break-up to movie director Guy Ritchie than purchase a new luxury home, at a cost of $40 million USD and located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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The Unique Architecture of Vuko Tashkovich in New York

Vuko Tashkovich is an architect born in the former Yugoslavia and brought to the United States at the age of 20 by his father, a former Yugoslav Senator with the help of Eleanor Roosevelt and Marshall Tito.

Tashkovich is a Master Builder in an architectural tradition dating back to the Renaissance rather than choosing to conform to the custom that prevailed in the late 1960’s

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Where in the World? 2009 Investment Opportunities

A recent study by non-profit organisation, The Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE), reveals the best opportunities in the world for real estate investment, and the results are perhaps surprising.

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If A Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Overseas property still remain enthusiastic when the right investment is presented to them, as the results of a campaign of 14,000 investors displayed when questioned on the subject of “Irresistible deals”. investors were presented with the opportunity to acquire an apartment in Paris with a nine year rental guarantee, taxes paid by the government, 100% […]

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