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national debt

Real Estate News: Nov 25, 2009 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine

In this Thanksgiving issue of the real estate news Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine, we recognise this important American time, we also look at a US national debt milestone, a new low calorie and low GI wine, sustainable streets lights, an Australian real estate snapshot and much more. Please enjoy. All the best, Michael Marquette & Simon Turner.

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Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge”: Wall Street’s Failed Obsession

The obscene salaries of Wall Street bankers and company bosses have been exposed for the farce and shareholder rip off that they truly are. Companies of all types have been plundered by these thieves for far too long in their obsession for short term gain at the long term expense of the companies they were supposed to be looking after. They all forgot the shareholders.

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