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national association of realtors

The Realtor’s Guide to Selling Luxury Homes

Adding luxury homes to the portfolio of things you have available to sell can be extremely valuable and a wise decision. Due to the limited quantity of prospective buyers and luxury properties in any given market, the listing and sale of luxury real estate properties can present some challenges. With the right amount of creativity […]

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Increase in Numbers of Foreign Investors in US Real Estate

A recent survey of the National Association of Realtors in the USA found that in the 12 months to March 2010, agents saw a marked increase in the interest of foreign buyers. Whilst still down from the lofty heights of 2007 when 32% of agents reported contact with foreigners, figures were up 5% to 28% in the 12 months surveyed. Furthermore, actual purchases in the period jumped 6% to 18% which represented $66 billion USD of property, or approximately 7% percent of the total market.

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A Million Dollars is Going Further in Most US Real Estate Markets

The good news for luxury homebuyers is that they’re getting about 20 percent “more house” than they did two years ago, and the prestige of owning a $1 million home is returning, said John Brian Losh, CEO of luxuryrealestate.com.

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How to Market & Sell Your Home in 2009 – Don’t be Fooled (with podcast)

If you want to sell your home in 2009 make sure you are tough when interviewing the real estate agent or broker and ask them to produce evidence that their strategy will work. A promise or an answer that it has worked in the past is not good enough – you are spending your hard earned money and you deserve proof that you are actually marketing your home and not the agent.

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