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Middle Gap Road 24, Hong Kong

Three of the World’s Most Expensive Homes for Sale

Every man’s (or woman’s) home is his castle. That’s how the saying goes, right. The team at Factotum.co.uk, in fact say that your home is your core and it reflects your personality and style. But what about when money is no object? When you have a bottomless fund for your home, you can really go to town. […]

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Top 20 Most Expensive Cities in the World for Expats 2014

The most expensive cities in the world for expats are both in Africa in 2014. Luanda in Angola is the most expensive for the second year in a row, Hong Kong is the most expensive in Asia, Zurich the most expensive in Europe and New York in North America, with Sydney the most expensive in […]

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Luxury Real Estate News: 18 Sep 2010 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine

The 18 Sep 2010 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine features: the latest most expensive home in the world and possibly the most expensive shed. There’s also an outstanding design concept that turns the iconic Hollywood sign into a hotel, the swimming pool that’s on top of the world, a new Global Wealth Report that shows that gap between rich and poor is narrowing, and an interview that shows that flight cancellations aren’t always bad.

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Possibly the Most Expensive Shed in the World

Originally built in 1786 by a farmer who would bring his herd of cows from the valley to pasture during the summer months, the Walig Hut is located 5000 feet up in the beautiful Swiss Alps, a 30 minute drive from Gstaad. It now forms part of the Gstaad Palace Hotel who have restored the shed as an interesting vacation option for its nature-loving guests.

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The World’s Most Expensive Apartment Sold

Featuring six bedrooms and a panic room and set across two floors with bullet-proof windows and panoramic views of the Serpentine, SAS-trained security guards, iris scanners and secret escape tunnels and 24-hour room service from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, of all the 86 apartments this penthouse is clearly the cream of the World’s crop.

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The Next Best Thing to Buckingham Palace

Unless you’re Royalty, living in Buckingham Palace is unthinkable. If you have the money, however, you can have the next-best thing. As recently reported in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, London’s 50,000 square foot Regency Terrace, which currently houses a row of seven office buildings, will be converted to a seven stuccoed mansion by property developer Marcus Cooper, making it London’s second biggest home after the Palace.

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The Most Expensive Places to Live in Australia

Where is Australia’s most expensive suburb and council area? Which state has the most expensive suburbs? These are questions that the Marquette Turner team often get asked, by Australian’s and non-Australian’s alike.

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The Most Expensive Cities in the World

Oslo, now the most expensive city in the world, has come out of the global financial crisis relatively unscathed, as have Zurich in Switzerland and Copenhagen in Denmark – the second and third place cities respectively. Real estate costs are barely dropping.

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Luxury Real Estate: Most Expensive Hotels in the World

For many of us it’s nice to dream, but does spending a million dollars for a two night hotel package sounds just a little extravagant. Nevertheless, the Hilton in Sydney is offering just that. Likewise the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Other mind boggling places to stay include Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne Crown Towers Presidential Villas and the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Fantasy Tower in the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas.

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Australia’s most expensive apartment SOLD in Potts Point

Potts Point in Sydney has achieved Australia’s record apartment price with a $20 million penthouse sale. An undisclosed “prominent Sydney businessman” bought the apartment off-the-plan after Sydney City Council approved the development on Monday. The two-level penthouse, with views across Woolloomooloo Bay towards the central business district, Sydney Harbour and the Opera House, will have […]

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