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Buying Real Estate in New Zealand is Becoming Easier

Our good friend in New Zealand, Terry Spice, writes: Changes to New Zealand business migration laws, due to take effect at the end of November, is good news for those seeking residency in New Zealand. More than 12,000 people have registered their interest under the new Entrepreneur Plus immigration category, which offers a fast track to residency for those who invest $500,000NZD in their NZ business and create three fulltime jobs.

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Queensland Real Estate Report: Positive Population Growth

Queensland real estate is looking positive. Luxury real estate agent Michael Marquette explains that The Gold Coast has grown faster than any other area in Queensland with a population of 497,800 people – growing by more than 110,000 (3.7% annually) in the last 7 years. The Gold Coast is now the 6th largest city in Australia, passing Newcastle, NSW which has grown by only 7,000 in the same period

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The MASTERPLAN Part 6(b): Climate Change (with podcast)

Climate change is the biggest problem facing the world right now. Whether you are convinced that greenhouse gases are causing the change or believe that the world is experiencing a natural shift in weather patterns the results are indisputable. Oceans are rising, the polar caps are shrinking and millions of the world’s poorest people will be displaced. Where will they escape to and how?

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