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Luxury Homes


Simple ways to decorate your deck

Having a deck in your backyard can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family. You can have sundowners after a long day at work or set up a play area for your children so they can enjoy time in the great outdoors. It is the perfect addition to any yard, whether it is […]

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Million dollar mansions in London on Pinterest

Looking for a New Luxury Home? Don’t Sign that Contract Until You Do This

Whether you are looking at new construction luxury homes or previously owned high-end properties, it is important to understand just what you will be getting into when moving into an upscale neighborhood. One of the things that many first-time home buyers aren’t aware of is that some properties, most in fact, are subject to rules […]

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The Realtor’s Guide to Selling Luxury Homes

Adding luxury homes to the portfolio of things you have available to sell can be extremely valuable and a wise decision. Due to the limited quantity of prospective buyers and luxury properties in any given market, the listing and sale of luxury real estate properties can present some challenges. With the right amount of creativity […]

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Lawrence Park toronto canada

The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada

Canada’s Toronto is a beautiful, always-changing city brimming with neighborhoods rich in character and prestige. Nestled in this fascinating patchwork of upscale neighborhoods are some of the most stunning luxury homes in Toronto. For the homebuyer that enjoys the finer thing in life, the city’s fast-growing, record-setting luxury housing market showcases an elite list of […]

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Talking About Buying Luxury Properties

Although many people believe that luxury properties are not affected by the dynamics of global and local finance, this important real estate segment is not as separate from the rest of the real estate market as you think. It’s Time to Buy Studies have shown that the prices of luxury properties have decreased sharply in […]

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Rent Luxury Homes Around the World Through These Websites

It’s that time of the year again and holiday destinations are getting jam-packed with tourists. Have you decided how to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve? The rich and famous are flying out to exotic locations around the world to make merry, so why stay behind and do it the modest way when you […]

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Thumbnail image for The Restored Lakefront Church House in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Restored Lakefront Church House in Rotterdam, Netherlands

This lakeside Church in Rotterdam, Netherlands by Ruud Visser Architects, dating back to the 1930’s but used as a storage space & garage since the 1960’s, has been restored into a contemporary design with a glass facade overlooking the River.

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Thumbnail image for MTtv – The Property Channel from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes (VIDEO)

MTtv – The Property Channel from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes (VIDEO)

MTtv is the property video channel from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes featuring real estate listings for sale and other location & community videos.

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Thumbnail image for The Design for Living Online Newspaper

The Design for Living Online Newspaper

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes curate news from our friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter on Arts, Entertainment, Architecture, Design, Social Media, Business & Property

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Thumbnail image for The Glass House in Cape Town

The Glass House in Cape Town

We increasingly find ourselves coming across stunning examples of residential architectural-delight in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. In this case, the owner requested a modern, glamorous, open plan, light-filled house with views from all rooms into the garden and the architects certainly delivered.

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