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luxury bedroom

Top common bedroom decorating mistakes you need to avoid

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the one room in your house that you spend the most time in and where you go to relax. This means that it needs to look and feel relaxing, calming and should reflect your personality. But not all of us are interior decorators and so will not have […]

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Creating a Luxury Bedroom for Less

Many home and condo owners are mortgaged to the hilt and so when it comes to decorating their homes they are left with few options if they are looking for luxury décor. If you are looking to give your bedroom that luxury appeal while on a limited budget, here are some ideas that just might […]

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Sphere Bed

I wonder what to categorize this one as I see it as both a room and a very comfortable bed as well. Even if you are tied to it for hours, you can be sure that it won’t be a real nightmare. The bed is shaped like a sphere and has a 32 inch LCD […]

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